Who we are and what we want

As you might know the European and German population is decreasing by many hundreds of thousands of people every year! At least one in four people living in Germany in 2018 already had a migration background, which corresponds to around 20.8 million people, or 25.4 percent of the total population. Moreover, the situation in Western Europe is similar or worse. The fact that the population continues to increase slightly due to immigration shows how strongly this affects demographic change. In Frankfurt am Main, for example, more than half of the residents already have foreign roots. In addition, this situation does not differ significantly from the situation in several other western European cities. In medium term, the proportion of people with migration background will continue to increase. In 2018, for instance, 40.6 percent of all children under the age of five in Germany had a migration background. The same picture can be seen in other European countries. To clarify again: The approximately 21 million present asylum seekers, bogus and economic refugees, asylum fraudsters, tolerated and untolerated persons as well as people with migration background correspond to the sum of all Danes, Norwegians and Swedes. In other words, there are three complete nations living in addition in present Germany. This development is irreversible and can only be weakened by an increase in birth of indigenous Germans and Europeans and a simultaneous decline in immigration. This is the overall sobering biological-mathematical state. The situation is completely different (still!) in Central Germany with a current migration proportion of about 6 percent of the local population. The invasion of recent years has led to a tremendous inner division of German people. This crack runs through families, clubs, companies, classes and also has a geographic component because it runs on the former border of German Democratic Republic. The critical attitude towards immigration of Central Germans manifests itself in many ways, including elections and completely different ideas about their future than the future of their West German compatriots. A systematic settlement by indigenous compatriots in Central Germany represents a conceivable possibility of how to counter the steadily increasing ethnic-cultural and religious conflict potential, which not only permeates the everyday life of our children at school, but also all areas of living together, from daily shopping to summer outdoor pool visits. Affordable Housing can be found in many regions and the job market offers a number of vacancies in a wide range of industries as well. In Central Germany children have the opportunity to learn in school classes and furthermore, grow up in a social environment in which the German language is spoken across the board and local customs and traditions are still filled with life. Our current possibilities are limited. Nevertheless, we should do what we can! The ‚Moving Together‘ initiative wants to offer support to those who are willing to draw the necessary conclusions from the following questions: Do I want such a Germany as drawn in the beginning? How and with whom do I want to live? Who deserves my solidarity and who is really close to my character? A simple ‚keep going‘ inevitably leads, as can be seen from the above inventory, into the biological-cultural abyss. We therefore take the promising strategy to move together in Central Germany. This is the more convincing approach than trying to regain lost areas where an ever shrinking German and European minority will be suppressed by African and Islamic immigrants in the future. Be brave and make the right decision. Take care of yourself. We support you!